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for everyone: where can I find them? | what's a flick? |what are the pendants made of? | what metal do you use? | will they break? | is everything handmade? | who makes 'em? | where are you based? | what do these pendants do?
for the individual: can I wear my pendant everyday? | can I order a single pendant? | where can I buy flickglass jewellery? | what else comes with my pendant?
for the retailler: where is the price list? | how do "colour families" work? | how about gift packaging? | what about store displays? | how does sizing work?





For Everyone...

Where can I buy my very own piece of Flick Glass jewellery?

South Africans:

Cape Town:
Watershed V&A Waterfront Shop A13, Kalk Bay Modern,The Itchy & Stitchy Shop, The Feature Store in Cavendish, Heartworks Shop 101A, Old Biscuit Mill, Heartworks Shop 51, Gardens Shopping Centre, PRESENTspace & more!
Art Africa in Johannesburg, Shoppe in Durban (KZN)

AND Soon to be purchased directly from our online shop, at flickinc.co.za (Flick Inc.)

What’s a “flick”?
Flick was a nickname given to me by my older brother, Gene, when I was 9. And it stuck.

What are the pendants made of?
Our glass products are made up of various types of glass, most importantly dichroic glass that constitutes the shifting colours and magical quality of the glass. Wanna know more about it? Click here.

Is the metal used in all Flick Glass products sterling silver?
Yes. Always.

Will they break?
Flick Glass jewellery is surprising durable. The glass does not tarnish, fade, chip, or scratch. A friend of mine wore her flickstone halfway across Africa, and hiked, surfed, climbed, river rafted, and ran away from elephants in it. Not a scratch. Our jewellery is, however durable, still made of glass – so If dropped on a hard stone or tile floor from a dizzy height, your piece may break. If you collect all the pieces, including the tiny pieces, we can remake it for you.

Is everything handmade?
Yes it is… with loving care! Trained artists and craftspeople create each piece individually, right here in Cape Town, South Africa.

Who makes 'em?
All Flick Glass jewellery is handmade by 4 amazing creatures, Frances, her partner Carl, her big brother Gene, and our earrings are coaxed into being by Sithewe, a Zimbabwean refugee living in Cape Town.

Where are you based?
We are based in Muzienberg, Cape Town South Africa

What do these pendants do?
These pendants give superhuman powers to all who wear them, attracting longing glances and flat-out amazement from friends and strangers… who needs a cute dog? And if that’s not enough, I was also informed by a high Tibetan Lama that they would be “beneficial to anyone who wore them.” He is a highly educated, seriously amazing and enlightened human being so… I believe him!

For The Individual...

Can I wear my pendant everyday?

Yes indeed, they should be worn at all times... while swimming, showering, dancing, singing in the car, cooking, laughing at silly jokes, crying, breast feeding, and basically while watching love and life flow. Somehow they make everything a little brighter!

Can I order a single pendant?
Alas, we are not set up yet to take individual orders over the internet. We do deal in wholesale orders, however, and we ship world-wide! A wholesale order is 10 or more pieces. (Yes, mixing and matching is allowed.) No, you do not have to have a resale license. Please email us with any other questions!

What else comes with my pendant?
Each pendant comes with a sturdy black or brown waxed cotton cord, an adorable little gift bag and an explanation about us and the glass.

For The Retailler....

Where can I find the price list?
We price our items in RSA Rands, Dollars, Euros, and Pounds.
Please contact us for price list.

How do these 'colour families' work?
The colour families are set up as an general method of dividing our radiant colours up into looslely recognisable groups. It is a fun way to order our products, and it will help buyers to get a general sense of which colours families are the most popular with their customers, and to reorder accordingly.* Please note that these are very general description of the colours. Theya re by no means accurate and it must be kept in mind that all flick glass creations are unique desopite having similar appearances at times.

How about gift packaging?
We supply each delightful flick glass purchase with a unique and colourful gift bag along with an explanation about us and the glass.

And what about store displays?
Flickglass provides beautiful store displays to showcase our jewellery.
Please contact us for more information.

How does the sizing work?
Flickstones: our pendants come in four sizes: small, medium,large and extra-large.

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