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each flickstone is handcrafted and utterly unique.

Our range of pendants is a colourful feast for the senses.

In terms of design, we rely on the glass with its intrinsic beauty and the magical colours that are created by the play of light reflected from its shifting surfaces. Unencumbered by findings or settings, flickstones are jewels of pure colour.

But more importantly, we have formulated colour combinations and technical skills that transform this potentially garish glass into a more subtle and ethereal experience.

We pay careful attention to colour and shape when hand crafting these pieces, and we delight in each one. This is our most trusted and pure design. Using only the beauty of the glass, no metal, no added extras, these pendants are wearable drops of shimmering molten glass.

They come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large (see life-size images below).

Each flickstone is unique, but for ease of ordering, we classify our pendants by colour familes.



small, medium, and large flickstones, at actual size

more small, medium, and large flickstones, at actual size

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