"Wow, what is that made of??"

We hear those words all the time.

All flickglass jewellery incorporates dichroic glass. The word 'dichroic' has Greek roots: 'di' meaning two and 'chroic' meaning color.

Each piece is created by artistically placing 4 or 5 layers of cut glass on top of one another and then firing it in a kiln at melting temperature.

This layering technique adds an amazing depth or 'floating' quality to each piece.

This special glass was originally formulated in the 1960's for use in the Hubble Telescope and for interference filters used in lasers. It was specially formulated for its reflective and refractive qualities.

It is created by coating the glass with many thin layers of oxides and precious metals. This process takes place in a vacuum chamber. The result is a partial mirror effect, which causes the colors to shift and change depending on the angle of the light. The shifting colors lend an almost magical quality to the glass.