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a full set of stacking rings, designed by flick glass with Jolene Kritzinger.

Build your own ring! Choose your colours! This unique design is the product of a collaboration between jewellery designer Jolene Kritzinger and flick glass.

The glass setting comes in 2 sizes, small and large. The ring itself comes in 4 sizes to fit a wide range of finger sizes.

This is a more delicate design option to the swivel ring, but you have the option to build it up into a piece of truly architectural proportions if you so desire – the possibilities are endless!

Each set is comprised of 3 pieces, one ring with a small setting, one ‘spacer’ (a dotted sterling band), and one ring with a larger setting. Buy them one at a time, buy them all at once or buy them in any combination, the choice is yours.

Special orders of stacking rings take up to 3 to 4 weeks to complete. Please work that into your ordering timeframe.

Each stacking ring is unique, but for ease of ordering, we classify our rings by our pendant colour familes.

There are four different shank sizes:
small: 6.25 / L
medium: 7.25 / N
large: 8.5 / P


one set of large setting, small setting, & spacer

one full set of stacking rings

a single small setting ring


Wow! What kind of glass is that? Curious about colour? Want to see our adorable gift packaging?

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